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Sam and Swei of The Kitty Kampung

Meet Sam & Swei.

Swei loves cats, and Sam loves Swei –

and so,

they currently reside together with

two kitties in their home.


Sam loves coffee,

now Swei loves coffee,

so it's all good.)

Jamie and Jasper of The Kitty Kampung
Grandma Molly of The Kitty Kampung

And then there's Grandma Molly,

who cares for both kitties as her own when Sam & Swei are out of town.

The thing is, Grandma Molly is now getting along in years,

and so began their search for care alternatives, such as cat boarding hotels and cat sitters.

Which then led them down a path to the start of The Kitty Kampung –

a hope to provide solutions to others with needs like theirs:

A home away from home for kitties beloved,

not unlike how Grandma Molly would care for them as their own too.

The Kitty Kampung Logo
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