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The Kampung Cabin

​Our cabins are designed to be kitty lofts! This is to accommodate our kitties' natural inclination to jump and perch.

Because our Kampung faces full windows (we chose it for this very reason 😻) – all The Kampung Cabins overlook out into natural surroundings and the big blue sky, and also a big blue Ikea 😹. This allows kitties to bask and snooze in natural sunlight, as well as to people / bird / sky watch according to their curious nature!

Kitty guests have daily access to play and exercise area.

* Suitable for kitties who measure <40 cm from nose to base of tail.

​The Kampung Cabin measures 60 cm (W) x 80 cm (D) x 90 cm (H)

Contact us directly for long-term stays!

From $48 per night

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