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Kitty Sitting | How Does Cat Sitting Work?

Updated: Nov 28

Does the idea of having your kitty cats cared for in their own home pique your interest, but unsure how it works?

If so, read on below 👇🏻 as we share more details! 🤗


a cat sleeping on a pillow cat sitting
Kitty Sitting 101

What is Home Kitty Sitting?

Kitty sitting is a service where kitty caregivers come to care for kitty in their own home. 💛🏡

What happens during Kitty Sitting?

The following is inclusive in each kitty sitting visit:

  • Daily text and video updates

  • Personalized feeding schedule for each kitty

  • Daily cleaning of litter box

  • Kitty playtime 🧶 (if kitty is comfortable & willing to engage)

  • Daily checks and observations of kitty health and behaviour

  • Tidying of kitty usage area

  • Provides medical assistance (upon request at additional fee)

How often do Kitty Sitting visits occur?

That is entirely up to you to decide as the kitty pawrent!

You choose between:

  • 30-minutes or 60-minutes visits

  • Once daily or twice daily visits (twice daily gets 15% off!)

What are the fees like for Home Kitty Sitting?

The fees are as follows:

  • 30-min visits once daily: $50

  • 30-min visits twice daily: $85

  • 60-min visits once daily: $70

  • 60-min visits twice daily: $120


  • Enjoy an additional 15% off (yes, it's stackable! 🤗) if your home is within 2km from The Kitty Kampung hotel! 🎉

  • The price list above is inclusive of up to 2 kitties per home! 👍🏻 Each additional kitty thereafter is $14 per kitty.

  • 60-minute visits are required for 4 kitties or more per home to ensure proper care for all kitties.

What is the difference between Kitty Boarding and Kitty Sitting?

In summary:

  • Kitty Boarding – your kitty heads off for a staycation in their own hotel cabin, and is cared for by our Kitty Caregivers in the hotel! 🏨

  • Kitty Sitting – your kitty stays in the comfort of their own home, and our Kitty Caregivers head over to them for their care visits. 🏡

Which is the better option for my kitty? Kitty Boarding or Kitty Sitting? 🤔

We're glad you asked this million dollar question!

Frankly, it really comes down to both you and your kitty's personality and preference – and here are some pointers to consider that may be useful in aiding your choice:

Might be more suitable for:

​Kitty Boarding (Hotel)

Kitty Sitting (Home)

Behavioural characteristics (Kitty)

  • Generally confident, interacts well and is friendly with new people, not intimidated in new environments, travels well

  • Very much a people kitty, enjoys hooman companionship and company i.e. a lap cat, sleeps and sits right next to people

  • Very timid – runs and hides at the slightest noise, does not come out when friends are over in the home;

  • Displays signs of aggression in fearful situations – hissing, swiping, growling, moves to attack etc.

Health status and upkeep of records (Kitty)

  • ✅ Sterilisation record

  • ✅ Yearly vaccination record

  • ✅ FIV / FeLV status record

  • ✅ Parasite prevention record

  • Requires closer monitoring of health due to certain diseases (i.e. diabetes, seizures, post-op monitoring, etc.)

  • Missing some or all of the health records

  • Immunocompromised / weak immunity due to certain diseases (i.e. cancer, FIV, FeLV, etc.)

Practical considerations

  • Home renovation

  • Home relocation

  • Any reason why kitty staying home is not feasible or ideal

  • Discomfort at the idea of a third party coming over to the home

  • ​Multiple kitty households and logistical nightmares 😅 (i.e. high vet costs to maintain yearly health requirements, moving all kitties to the hotel and back, etc.)

  • Impromptu / late notice trips out of the country

  • Unable to obtain all health records in time

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