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Kitty Sitting | How Does Cat Sitting Work?

Updated: Jan 12

Does the idea of having your kitty cats cared for in their own home pique your interest, but unsure how it works?

If so, read on below 👇🏻 as we share more details! 🤗


a cat sleeping on a pillow cat sitting
Kitty Sitting 101

What is Home Kitty Sitting?

Home Kitty sitting is our premium care service where kitty caregivers specially come to care for kitty in their own home 🏡, at both kitty parents and kitty's convenience! 💝

What happens during Kitty Sitting?

The following is inclusive in each kitty sitting visit:

  • Daily text and media updates

  • Personalized feeding schedule for each kitty

  • Daily cleaning of litter box

  • Kitty playtime 🧶 (if kitty is comfortable & willing to engage)

  • Daily checks and observations of kitty health and behaviour

  • Tidying of kitty usage area

  • Provides medical assistance (upon request at additional fee)

We do not believe in hidden costs! The fee includes all that is mentioned above. 👍🏻

What is the duration of Kitty Sitting visits?

You choose between:

  • 30-minute visits

  • 60-minute visits

Feel free to have a discussion with us regarding the number of visits that are ideal for your kitty / kitties!

What are the fees like for Home Kitty Sitting?

The fees are as follows:

  • 30-minute visits: $60

  • 60-min visits: $90


  • The price list above is inclusive of up to 2 kitties per home! 👍🏻 Each additional kitty thereafter is $20 per kitty.

  • 60-minute visits are recommended for 4 kitties or more per home to ensure proper care for all kitties.

  • Homes beyond 10km radius from our Kampung hotel will be evaluated for suitability, and are subject to additional distance fees.

What is the difference between Kitty Boarding and Kitty Sitting?

In summary:

  • Kitty Boarding – your kitty heads off for a staycation in their own hotel cabin, and is cared for by our Kitty Caregivers in the hotel! 🏨

  • Kitty Sitting – your kitty stays in the comfort of their own home, and our Kitty Caregivers come over to them for their care visits. 🏡

Which is the better option for my kitty? Kitty Boarding or Kitty Sitting? 🤔

We're glad you asked this million dollar question!

Frankly, it really comes down to both you and your kitty's personality and preference – and here are some pointers to consider that may be useful in aiding your choice:

Might be more suitable for:

​Kitty Boarding (Hotel)

Kitty Sitting (Home)

Behavioural characteristics (Kitty)

  • Generally confident, interacts well and is friendly with new people, not intimidated in new environments, travels well

  • Very much a people kitty, enjoys hooman companionship and company i.e. a lap cat, sleeps and sits right next to people

  • Very timid – runs and hides at the slightest noise, does not come out when friends are over in the home;

  • Displays signs of aggression in fearful situations – hissing, swiping, growling, moves to attack etc.

Health status and upkeep of records (Kitty)

  • ✅ Sterilisation record

  • ✅ Yearly vaccination record

  • ✅ FIV / FeLV status record

  • ✅ Parasite prevention record

  • Requires closer monitoring of health due to certain diseases (i.e. diabetes, seizures, post-op monitoring, etc.)

  • Missing some or all of the health records

  • Immunocompromised / weak immunity due to certain diseases (i.e. cancer, FIV, FeLV, etc.)

Practical considerations

  • Home renovation

  • Home relocation

  • Any reason why kitty staying home is not feasible or ideal

  • Discomfort at the idea of a third party coming over to the home

  • ​Multiple kitty households and logistical nightmares 😅 (i.e. high vet costs to maintain yearly health requirements, moving all kitties to the hotel and back, etc.)

  • Impromptu / late notice trips out of the country

  • Unable to obtain all health records in time

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