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The Kampung 2R

​The Kampung 2R is a two-room (following our HDB naming situation 😉) jumbo flat, equivalent to two of The Kampung Cabins!

This layout might be suitable for kitties who like to hop in and out and up and down (okay most of them, really), or prefer their toilets to be separate from their living room 😆, or even housemate kitties who prefer some personal space 👩‍👧.

All our cabins allow our kitty guests to gaze out into natural surroundings – which allows kitties to bask and snooze in sunlight, as well as to bird and sky watch for their curious selves.

Kitty guests have daily access to play and exercise area.

* Suitable for kitties who measure <40 cm from nose to base of tail.

​The Kampung Cabin measures 120 cm (W) x 80 cm (D) x 90 cm (H)

Contact us directly for long-term stays!

From $72 per night

Housemate kitties: additional $20 per night 

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