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Do you skip parasite prevention?

Okay, we confess. We didn't know these either – so when we came across this resource (skip to number 3!), we thought it best to share.

All it takes is just one flea!

Fleas from outside the home (if we encounter other animals, other pet guardians, etc.) can cling to our clothing – and so all it takes is really just that one flea to hop on, and then off onto our kitties when we get home. 😞

That flea will then multiply once it has found a host – ergo, all it takes is just one flea to create a problem. (sigh)

Fleas are a disease carrier too. ☠️

Fleas can pass on other parasites (such as tapeworm) to our kitties – multiplying the number and types of parasites that our poor kitties end up playing host to.

Good thing that parasite prevention treatments include prevention against other parasites as well. (common ones: fleas, ticks, ear mites, heart worms, tapeworms, roundworms)

One stone, err... 6 birds / parasites..? 😅

Especially important for pet guardians with a multi-animal household!

As it is possible for some species of fleas to cross-infect both dogs and cats, it is prudent to guard all our animals against the various types of parasites.

We can save our kitties and ourselves (and our vets, even!) quite some trouble and heartache by keeping up with regular parasite prevention treatment, instead of only dealing with them when they surface – and by then, complications could have already occurred! 😞

The good thing is: parasite prevention is easily accessible, affordable, and barely any trouble at all to administer for our kitties. 👍🏻 Ensure that it is the right dosage (by weight of your kitty), apply it on monthly, and that's all there is to it! 🤗

Another plus point? One less matter to fret about when considering putting up your kitty for boarding while you jet off for that break or if circumstances require you to!

(Disclaimer: we have no affiliation to the two resources shared! They are open source videos that we came across.)

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