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Are We a Fit? The Kampung Special

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

It is a plethora of choices out there for every need of a product, demand or service.

What product do we select?

Whom do we go with?

How will we choose?

It almost always condenses down to:

Is it a fit?


Here we share what makes us special (Oxford dictionary: belonging specifically to a particular person or place)!

We hope you like what you read, and if it floats your boat and rocks your socks – then we might just be a fit! 😉

Our story ✍🏻

If you haven't seen it yet, head on over here to check it out!

FYI- other things we love:

Sam loves watching movies in theatres, physicality, food, sleeping in and listening to himself sing.

On the other hand, Swei enjoys making or creating things, strolling down ginormous supermarts, black & white photos and other vintage things.

Together they may be found yelling at the TV when F1 or NFL is on, bickering about silly things at a traffic junction, or figuring out new journeys together.

We are a kitty family too!

Something our story hinted at is the motivation behind what we do as a kitty family ourselves.

Our love for animals and desire for their companionship should not come into conflict with the lives we ought to live. At times part of our journey requires some place we can rely on for their well-being in our stead, and that is precisely what we hope to offer our fellow kitty families too.

Low stress for success ✊🏻

We believe in and are trained for Low Stress Handling® by Dr Sophia Yin – read more here!

Creation care 🫶🏻

We are passionate about creation care, and we love not just God's creatures but His creation too! 🌎 We believe that mankind is entrusted with the task of caring for and protecting these living beings that make our earth so special, and it is not something we are flippant about.

Our care and devotion extends to ensuring the well-being of our guests, and also do our best to be as considerate to our environment to the best of our ability (while simultaneously having to also balance hygiene and sanitisation requirements as a licensed facility)!

With us, it's a cat-lick-cat world 👅

Who's tired of a dog-eat-dog world? 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️ We are. 😮‍💨

In an age where 'my wants and my needs' is king, we hope that we can be a little sliver of your life where it's not a piece of you that we want; we simply hope to be a small peace (geddit, geddit?) of your life. 💞

We are 💯 local and embrace it. Whether it be the relationships (we hope friendships!) forged with our kitty guests and families, or tying up with and supporting other local brands* to forge a community, we hope for the #kampungspirit legacy to live on!

We'd be glad to chat or have you over for coffee and a cookie if you'd like to come get to know us and what we are about!

*our furniture came from the last uncle left making rattan by hand from scratch, and we absolutely love his stuff! Please support him and his wife who continue to do this day in and day out (with no successors to the craft 😢).

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