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June Holiday Special!

Updated: May 3, 2023

Making plans for a holiday getaway in June?

Perhaps our June 2023 Special might help get those plans a-going! 🤗

Rather than increase our rates during peak holiday season 🫠, we've dropped them instead to encourage families and loved ones to spend some quality time and make new precious memories together! 💞

We are offering 1 night off for every 4 nights' stay!

So, for example:

If your kitty is checking in on 2 June, and checking out on 7 June:

  • Total duration – 5 nights

  • Total cost – 4 nights' stay (+ 1 night off!)

Another example:

If your kitty is checking in on 1 June, and checking out on 13 June:

  • Total duration – 12 nights

  • Total cost – 10 nights' stay (+ 2 nights off!)


We did the math, and that amounts to the following prices (see infographic below) for our respective cabins!

More details on our cabins may be viewed here:


If you'd like to take a look at more videos / images of what kampung life your kitties will experience, take a look at our Instagram profile here! Check out our posts, stories and highlights 🤗

And if all looks swell to ya, feel free to:

  • Book a viewing appointment with us – if you have time for a cup of coffee ☕️ and a cookie 🍪, we'd be delighted to have you over while answering any questions or queries you may have! 😊 Just drop us a text on WhatsApp or Telegram if you'd like to come!

  • Make a reservation for your kitty's stay – reservations can be made at our website, or feel free to drop us a text on WhatsApp or Telegram for any clarifications or enquiries! 😺

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