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Pawrent F.A.Q.s | Helpful Information

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

If kitty boarding is a first-time experience for you, this information may come in helpful!

What is a kitty boarding hotel, and how does it work?

What is kitty boarding?

How does a kitty boarding hotel work?

Are all cat boarding hotels the same?

What are the terms and conditions for kitty boarding services?

What are the rooming options for my kitty, and how should I decide?

We answer some F.A.Q.s here!

F.A.Q. 1 – How does it smell?

F.A.Q. 2 – How loud is the environment?

F.A.Q. 3 – Are cabins facing each other? This can be very stressful.

F.A.Q. 4 – Do the cats get played with, petted, and held?

F.A.Q. 5 – What is done to help reduce stress and fear?

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